I specialize in Linux application development using GTK, and got involved heavily in adaptive and mobile application development, game access, and web browser development. More details below.


GNOME is an easy, elegant and featureful desktop environment. I am a member of the GNOME Foundation since May 2014 and am contributing since longer than that. Over the years I contributed via code, translations, new projects, mentoring, talks, and representation during conferences.

Librem 5

The Librem 5 by Purism is security and privacy focused smartphone. I am a core R&D engineer on the project and I successfully made many applications available on the phone as well as bridged the project and the GNOME community.

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I created the libhandy library adaptive and mobile widget library to help GTK applications become adaptive, so they can work in a range of devices from desktops to mobiles. Many GNOME applications now use it to work on both GNOME desktops and phones such as the Librem 5.

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I designed and developed the Games GNOME application to let you painlessly access and play your games. It supports many platforms — from Steam to retro consoles and handhelds, gamepads work out of the box — including to navigate in the app, retro games support resuming and video filters, and there are many more features awaiting.

To power it, I wrote the Libretro frontend library retro-gtk and the gamepad library libmanette, and I contributed many game-related MIME types to shared-mime-info.

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I contributed to GNOME’s web browser Web in various ways, the most notable one being making it adaptive so it can work in constrained environments just as well as on desktops. I also contributed to the engine that powers it, WebKitGTK, by giving it kinetic scrolling with the exact same behavior as GTK’s scrolled window.

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