Handy 1 Alpha 1 and Migrating to GNOME

The logos of libhandy and GNOME

Handy 0.80.0

A few days ago we released the first alpha of Handy 1, known as Handy 0.80.0. It comes with tons of new features, such as:

  • HdyWindow and its companion widgets, a free-form unified window that Alice presented in a blog post;
  • HdyDeck, that you can picture as a swipeable and spatialization-aware stack;
  • HdyViewSwitcherTitle, a simpler way to implement a view switcher in a titlebar;
  • overhauled HdyActionRow and HdyExpanderRow;
  • many smaller widget refinements;
  • overhauled theming support, implemented with SASS and supporting dark variants and per-theme stylesheets;
  • vastly improved Glade support;
  • a cleaned up API, see the migration documentation.

Keep in mind this is an alpha release of a new major version, it breaks compatibility with previous versions, and more API and ABI breaking alphas will be released.

We plan to release betas starting from 0.90.0, following the GNOME 3.38 development schedule, and 1.0.0 alongside GNOME 3.38. This means that if you application follows the GNOME schedule and still targets GTK 3, you can safely start migrating to Handy 1 via that first alpha version.

We Just Moved

Handy just moved to GNOME’s GitLab, you will now find it at gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/libhandy, and find its documentation at gnome.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/libhandy. Remember to update the URLs in your projects!

The latest stable version is 0.0.13, and it can now be found here. You can follow the evolution of the 0.0.* versions on the libhandy-0-0 branch here, but we are clearly focusing on the upcoming 1.0 version.

I am sure you will love these changes! 😀