Hi, I’m Adrien, a software engineer and Linux app developer based in Montpellier, France.

Software impacts the world deeply, and the apps you use impact you personally. How these apps are built, shipped and licensed matters. I strive to make the world a better place by collaborating to make the software commons flourish.

Since over a decade, I work on the GNOME project, an ethical, intuitive, uncluttered and powerful software ecosystem for Linux that makes laptops and mobiles a breeze to use. Recently, I successfully spearheaded the port of GNOME to mobiles by developing mobile apps frameworks. To know more about my work, check my portfolio out or read my blog.

Screenshots of applications I created or contributed to: Metronome, Highscore, Software, Web, and Calendar

When I’m not busy impacting the Linux application landscape I organize with others to expand the commons, I write about more philosophical topics, and I share my vegan recipes. You should cook them out, you will love them!